A Few Days With Our Family

It has been awhile since I have posted because we have not had phone or internet connection. Cape Disappointment is beautiful but isolated. I have been taking pictures and will post our adventures here in a couple of weeks. We are having lots of fun and seeing lots of sights.

Spokane Family & Friends

Hannah at  Johns and Little Diamond RV

Our Campsites at John and Missy’s and Little Diamond Lake.

The Family
The Clan

It does not get any better than this!! Mom, dad, kids, and grand kids all at our campsite in Little Diamond.  Caught on camera between picnic style dinner and s’mores over the fire.

The Fiske Clam
Delaney, Paige, & mom Laura


Tyler, mom & dad John & Missy, Jasmine
Tyler, mom & dad John & Missy, Jasmine

We had lots of fun with kids and grand kids.  The weather was fantastic.

Jasmine pitching
Jasmine pitching

Jasmines team did really well in their softball tournament.

Elaine with the Grand Kids
Elaine with the Grand Kids
Delaney plays piano
Delaney plays piano

Delaney played piano for us and we were impressed!

We ate way too much good food.  Gordon made himself somewhat useful replacing bathroom vanity sinks for Missy because John never quite gets around to it.  (Or maybe he was just saving that honey-do so Gordon could feel useful.) And Elaine got to make jewelry with the girls.

Safe and fun travels to all,



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