Busy In Texas

Octagon Bench With Table
Pool Bench With Table

Just a quick post to let you all know that I haven’t been completely idle.

Park Bench
Park Bench

This 10 foot long bench and the octagon pool bench with table are two of the six that I have made for the park here with a skill saw and screw gun from stock lumber.  Nothing fancy but comfortable, durable places for people to sit and enjoy this areas wonderful winter weather.

2 Spoons
2 Spoons

These are 2 spoons I carved to amuse myself when I did not wish to do anything complicated or particularly difficult.  The top spoon is made from a piece of madrone that was a gift from my good friend Gerry in Medford, Oregon.  The bottom spoon is of eucalyptus that I collected in Arizona.  It is from a tree that was killed in the freeze of 2011.

Small Caricature
Little Man

I finally finished this little guy.  I started carving him at Cape Disappointment where one of my fellow campers who saw me carving said he was a cute little man and the name has stuck.  He is a freehand caricature, my very first.

Happy Travels,


Author: Randomrover


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