It Is The Season!!

Here we are in mid December with Christmas approaching and a new year about to begin.

CTree2013 was a good year for Elaine and I.  We started it on the Gulf Coast of Texas in our Montana 5th wheel and don’t even know yet whether we will end it at home here in Sierra Vista or in our new Heartland Big Country in Columbus, NM.  Columbus is where Pancho Villa made his 1916 raid into the US and logically enough where General Pershing set out to chase Pancho through much of Mexico (unsuccessfully).  We will be going there in the near future for a few days to relax and see some different scenery.  We have been home for nearly 3 months and we aren’t used this stationary lifestyle anymore.  We are just not sure of the dates yet.  So many things happening and most not really scheduled.  Retirement is a good thing.

When we got home from our Texas adventure we foolishly (one would think that at our supposed state of maturity we would know better) went to an RV show where we found Bertha and it was lust at first sight. We traded Hanna Montana in for Bertha Big Country, did a few modifications, and headed off to the Oregon coast where we had a summer with weather that could not be beaten and some wonderful times with family and friends both old and new.

Back at home Gordon has been enjoying his wood shop and Elaine has been planning our next big trip.  We will be in Idaho for a couple of months and also plan to visit Glacier NP and Lake Louise but much is still up in the air as Elaine figures the timing and route.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous, Happy New Year — Your Random Rovers,

Gordon and Elaine