Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Our Little Tiny Tree
Our Little Tiny Tree

Hard to believe but this is our 3rd Christmas out camping.  The two previous ones both were on the gulf coast of Texas. One a couple of years ago and the other 16?? years ago.

We are posting at this time to express our wish for everyone to have a great Christmas season with family and friends near and hope that the new year brings wonderful things.

It is extremely unlikely that we will be in our new home before mid January and maybe not then but some progress is being made and Bertha continues to keep us warm and dry.

Unfortunately, as we did not expect to be “homeless” this long, many of our friend’s addresses are locked away in storage and unavailable making it impossible to send many of the cards we would liked to have sent.  If you did not get your usual seasonal missive it was not because you were forgotten.

If you would like our new address, send a comment (with your email address in case we don’t have it) and we will reply.

Your random rovers in Sequim Washington,

Elaine and Gordon