Idaho and Montana

An overnight at the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello, Idaho was our reward for the pleasant run up from Provo, UT. We have stayed here before and liked it because it is a quiet park like setting and easy to drive to. Though normally mostly empty it is impossible to use when they are having an event. If you want to stay here check the event calendar.

Our Site In Pocatello

A short day on the road placed us in Deer Lodge, Montana at the foot of the Rocky Mountains for our last stop before Spokane. We spent 2 nights here. It is a pleasant commercial park with only moderate freeway noise.

Picturesque Indian Creek RV

For our spare day’s entertainment we went to the The Sweet Palace and also shopped the rest of historic Phillipsburg, MT.

A Very Nice Day to Visit Phillipsburg

Hoping all your journeys are as pleasant as our past few days,
Your Random Rover, Gordon

Up Through Utah

Through northwest Arizona and southeast Nevada to Saint George. The Elks have a nice lodge here bordered by red rock cliffs on one side and a sumptuous golf course on the other . It is very hard to believe that we are only 5 or so minutes from downtown in this country setting.

Site 4 Saint George Elks
Site 4 Saint George Elks

Because of construction delays it took about half an hour to go four miles driving up the Virgin River Gorge on our way up from Las Vegas. It was 124 on the truck’s thermometer though I suspect it was really around 111. It felt like 124 as the AC simply couldn’t keep up until we started moving again. We did, however, make it here and in good shape. There were a number of vehicles that we saw receiving professional assistance. (The tow trucks were busy.) The next morning was very pleasant so we headed out to a local park that we had passed on before because it was too hot, we were too tired or we simply didn’t have the time.

Beautiful, Informative — Spend some time here!

If you are ever in the area this is a wonderful stop. We got lots of ideas for fixing up the landscape at home while enjoying a pleasant stroll. Almost all of the plants were well marked so I took as many pictures of the signs as I did plants. From there we enjoyed another very nice stop at the Keyenta Art Village which is an enclave of very nice galleries that span works from art through craft. Back to town to pick up a few things including fuel for tomorrow when we hit the road again heading to Provo, UT.

Provo Elks Site 2

As you can see the Provo Elks have “parking lot” sites. The lodge itself is very nice. We have stayed here before and will most likely do it again as it is fairly quiet and extremely convenient. Tomorrow we are off to Pocatello, ID.

Keeping the shiny side up and a silly grin on my face,
Your Random Rover, Gordon

Wikieup AZ

And we are off! OK, friends I didn’t mean it that way so keep your clever comments behind sealed lips. Day one went very smoothly. We used the Phoenix bypass route which only really makes sense if one is headed toward Los Angeles but only adds a few miles and skirts you around most of the heavy traffic. A few more miles but a lot less aggravation.

On the way I stopped for nothing. It seems there is a ghost town here that is named Nothing. The town once had a population of 4, a convenience store, gas station and garage. After the town died another person tried to resurrect it and started a pizza business that also failed. So even though I stopped for nothing it did give me the opportunity to give you a picture of nothing.

Nothing Arizona
An Exiting Picture of Nothing, AZ

Well, if you think nothing was wonderful, the most awesome thing in Wikieup right now (other than yours truly) is Snoopy’s Rocket. You can find it and the town of Nothing on the web so I won’t elaborate further.

Snoopy’s Rocket

We are here safe and sound and fueled up for another day. Happy Hour happened, Elaine fixed a great salad dinner (it’s over a 100F so salad is perfect) and we are looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.

Dazzo's RV
Dazzo’s RV

Keeping the shiny side up and a silly grin on my face,
Your Random Rover, Gordon

Heading North Summer 2019

Almost Ready To Roll

Pull Slides In, Hitch Up, and Roll Down the Road
A synopsis of our plans

With Tucson temperatures around 107 F every day for the past week it is definitely time to start. It is June 17th, Bertha is ready to go and so are we. Our plans have us leaving on the 19th and traveling less than 300 mile on any given day with a couple of 2 night stops on the way to Spokane WA, our first destination, to see the kids and grands. After leaving Bertha with son John we will head to Port Ludlow WA to spend some time with Brother Phil and his lovely wife.

From there we are off to Vancouver BC where we will embark on a 3 day cruise to Alaska. Off the ship and onto an 8 day land tour of the Yukon Territory and Alaska followed a 7 day cruise back to Vancouver BC where we go back to reality, and start doing some of the daily chores of living again. The first will be driving back to Spokane.

Interesting Note: If I understand correctly, since these are international voyages (Canada/US and US/Canada) we get the privilege of going through customs numerous times. For instance day 1: Canadian customs at border crossing into Canada at Blaine and as the ships destination is Alaska, US Customs before getting onto cruise ship.

We plan to stop on the way back because we figure by the time we clear customs (twice) and actually hit the road it will be mid afternoon. Back in Spokane we will need to quickly reorganize and depart for Heyburn Lake State Park in Idaho where we will be volunteer camp hosts for a little over a month before we even consider heading homeward.

I will post along the way as time and internet connections allow and hope that you will follow along.
Your random rover, Gordon


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