Campers Pledge

Camper’s Pledge

The Camper’s Pledge

Objective: To Enhance Everyone’s Camping Experience

The Campground
I will acquaint myself of and obey all campground rules.
I will respect other people’s campsites.
My Campsite
I will leave my site as clean or cleaner than I found it.
I will not burn or leave any garbage in any firepit.I will not leave a fire unattended.I will remember that all foreign material left behind is unwelcome litter.

I will dispose of all waste material in the designated containers or carry it home.

I will be completely out of my campsite by check-out time.

My Pets
I will clean up after my pets.I will keep my pets on lead at all times.I will never leave my pets unattended.I will not allow my pets to disturb others.

My Children
I will teach my children how to be responsible campers.
I will use this opportunity to show my children how to be safely responsive to new situations.
I will guide my children in learning the things that our great outdoors has to offer.

A penny for your thoughts?

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