A Few Days With Family


Prior to heading off to Alaska and the Yukon Territory we had a few days with our Spokane family (John and Laura and their respective clans) and then a little more time with family in Port Ludlow, WA (Phil and Anette).

Happy Birthday!

For Delaney’s special day we had a patriotic birthday party.


Complete with fireworks!

We also had time to help with a few projects. Our time was short, but knew we would be back in Spokane again before heading south for the winter.  With cruise embarkation getting emanate we left Bertha (our 5th wheel) at John’s and headed west over the Snoqualmie Pass and across Puget Sound to visit with brother Phil and sister-in-law Anette. 

We had a wonderful time catching up with some of Phil’s clan. There are no better hosts anywhere. We were able to go out crabbing twice and of course that meant that we gorged multiple times on the best of all the crustaceans. 

Live Dungeness Crab
Live Dungeness Crab

All too soon it was time to move on again. So we went off on another Washington State Ferry to Whidbey Island and then north to Birch Bay for a last night in the USA before departing from Vancouver, BC.

Ready to Drive off Whidbey Island Ferry
Ready to Drive off Whidbey Island Ferry

I have been remiss not posting until now, but there are so many pictures to go through and remembered events to put in order. I am working on posts about our cruise north , our land and air travels through the Yukon Territory and Alaska, and finally our cruise back south.

Enjoy what you have while you can,

Your Random Rover, Gordon

Baseball at Moses Lake

It is June 21st 2018 and we are off to Moses Lake to watch our grandson Tyler play in a base-ball tournament.  In the previous weeks we had done some minor maintenance on Bertha.  Mostly just cleaning and polishing, but also revised the undercarriage lighting, replaced the hide-a-bed with a table so we would have a little more working space inside, and removed a lot of unnecessary stuff that had accumulated in all the places I find to put it.  I figured that if I hadn’t needed it I likely didn’t need to have it in my way. I am, however, sure that Mr. Murphy will find an inconvenient time to prove me wrong.

Site 207 at Sunrise Resorts Pier 4

As you can see we arrived in good condition and got set up. It proved to be a good thing that we came as do to a scheduling change our son could not get a motel room for Friday night and would have had to drive back home.  Instead they stayed with us so we got to have a lot more time with them.

A Sweet Bunt

Tyler did a great job a the plate.


And on the mound. Grandpa didn’t get any pictures of his awesome fielding.

Lakeside at Pier4

Lakeside at Pier4

Pier4 Pull-Thrus and Back-ins

We spent four nights had a really fine time visiting, sight-seeing, and watching baseball. The park was nice, the neighbors Friendly, and the sky was blue. What more could we ask for on a weekend with son and grandson?

Happy Trails,

Your Random Rover, Gordon

A New Home Soon

First the important news:

It has been a long while since I have posted but we have been busy in a relaxed-retired sort of way.  We never did find a house/shop/property that we liked so we decided to build.  First we purchased one acre of land between Sequim and Port Angeles, Washington.  It took a lot of looking but I think we made good choice.  What do you think?  You can see the Olympics over the top of our neighbors house.

Lot With Olympic Mountain View
Our View From The (future) Sun-Room And Back Patio  (Hurricane Ridge is on the right)

We started with a soil test for the septic system, then settled on a plan for the house, followed by a layout to fit everything on the lot, and then refined the house plan including a complete redesign of the kitchen, utility room, and master suite, plus some misc. changes here and there, and finally selection of colors, appliances, and materials.  The shop design will be easy.  A simple metal pole barn will do fine.  Soon we will have a home again but as of now we do not have a production schedule.  The well has been ordered and hopefully will be drilled next week.  There should not be any problems but it does have to be in and providing potable water before we can obtain building permits for the septic, house and shop.  Hence no schedule just a rough time-table.

When we arrived we spent the month of May at The Rainbow’s End RV Park just east of Sequim.  It is a pretty and a well-kept park with very pleasant managers.  Unfortunately it is right on a very busy section of highway 101 and consequently very noisy.  Though the park is fairly nicely landscaped it does have a parking-lot atmosphere. We stayed one month here and moved on.

Rainbows End
Rainbows End

We moved to the John Wayne Marina RV Park where it is very quiet.  Oh what a relief!!  The picture at head of this post is of Sequim Bay as viewed from the park.  The highway is up over the hill and barely audible.  We are in our 3rd site here and will move to another site in the park on September 1st.  We are so pleased with our current site we wonder if we made the right decision.  The new site will have a very nice marine view but will be less protected from the wind.


Two Sites at John Wayne Marina
Two Sites at John Wayne Marina

Just a few of the things we have seen here during our short stay:

The House I Wanted But Elaine Said Was A Little Too Rustic
The House I Wanted But Elaine Said Was A Little Too Rustic

I found this lovely home at the mouth of the Elwah river overlooking The Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Great location!

North Sea Oil Platfom, The Polar Pioneer, At Port Angeles
North Sea Oil Platform, The Polar Pioneer, at Port Angeles

A lot of controversy about this vessel but no matter where you stand on the issues she is impressively huge. Those are ocean cargo ships in view behind her.

The John Wayne Marina
The John Wayne Marina

What a view and just across the road from the park!

Marymere Falls at Crescent Lake
Marymere Falls at Crescent Lake

We hiked up to the falls and had a picnic on the lake with Elaine’s brother and some of his family. What a fun day!

Elaine and Friend at the Lavender Festival
Elaine and Friend at the Lavender Festival

We went to the Lavender Festival and Elaine made a new friend.  What can I say?

Gordon at the Lavender Festival
Gordon at the Lavender Festival

And here I am out sitting in a field of lavender, ostracized without cause.

We are just beginning to explore this awesome place.  I am sure it will take up much of our non-traveling time to really get to know the area.

We got away for a weekend  and traveled to Kalama Washington for a family reunion with some of Elaine’s clan which we enjoyed very much.  We stayed at the Columbia Riverfront RV Park and took time to do a little sight-seeing on the south side of Mount St Helens.

Columbia Riverfront RV
Columbia Riverfront RV

Barge Traffic On The Columbia River
Barge Traffic On The Columbia River

An evening view of the Columbia River from the park.

Ape Cave
Ape Cave

An interesting lava tube cave on Mount St Helens.

Ape Cave Looking Out
Ape Cave Looking Out

It was chilly in the cave and I wasn’t dressed for the shift of temperature from 90 something to 42 so I didn’t spend much time exploring the 1-1/2 mile cave!

We also managed to make one trip over to Spokane to see kids and grands:

Tyler (Mr Pickoff) Hedy
Tyler (Mr Pickoff) Hedy

We enjoyed watching our grandson Tyler playing baseball.

Delaney Dancing
Delaney Dancing (Standing)

Saw dance recital with granddaughter Delaney and also saw granddaughter Paige showing off her color guard skills but unfortunately grampa wasn’t clever enough with the camera to get any good pictures.

It was fun seeing everyone and sharing a few meals.  Now that we are residing in Washington it will be much easier to see the family regularly.

In 2 to 3 months our real work will begin as we will be moving in.  In the mean time we plan to try to do a little R&R so we will be ready.

Wishing you and yours happy travels,

your random rovers,

Elaine & Gordon


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