Homeward Bound

It is September 1st and we are heading home for the winter. We drove about 230 miles to our first stop, Canyon Pines RV Resort on the Little Salmon river just south of Pollock, ID. We traveled 2 very steep and long downgrades, White Bird Pass and The Lewiston Grade. Engine braking made it much less harrowing than on trips past. Our site is very pretty and the sounds of the rapids are quite nice.

Our Site at Canyon Pines

We spent 2 nights here which afforded us the chance to drive up Hells Canyon. We only went a few miles up the Salmon River from Riggins and the scenery was excellent.

Back to the task at hand, a few more miles south down the road took us to the Mountain Home Elks Lodge where we spent Labor Day Weekend.

Site 1 at the Lodge

Right out our front door, I found many Agaricus Campestris mushrooms. Unfortunately, most of them were past their prime. Sad, because this close relative of the common grocery store white button mushrooms, Agaricus Bisporus, is quite tasty.

Field Mushrooms

Rolling on, we were off to Tremonton, Utah where we spent one night.

Site 49 Aspen Grove RV

The next day we were headed to Deer Creek State Park near Heber, Utah where we stayed 3 nights. Because we eschewed the Interstate as much as possible, we were able to purchase ripe local peaches and delicious sweet corn which we found at roadside stands along Utah highway38. About halfway between Tremonton and Heber on Utah highway 6, we stopped at the Tie Fork rest area. It is certainly a unique and enjoyable place even if you don’t need a break.

A few more miles and we arrived at DeerCreek.

Deer Creek State Park Site 14

While here we explored the towns of Heber City and Midway. Bought cheese and ice cream at an artisan creamery and relaxed.

It is now September 10th and we are off to Hillview RV which is about 6 miles south of Price, Utah. We have time here to do some exploring.

Our site at Hillview RV, Wellington, UT

With 2 full days here we did a little exploring The first day took us back up the road to Price where we viewed the Utah State University Prehistoric Museum and then on to Helper where we saw antiques, crafts and the Big John statue..

Our next stop was the Circleville RV Park in Circleville, UT. We wished we had planned more than one night. As it was a very pleasant park with many things to see and do nearby. And on the way we found a great spot for lunch.

Our site in Circleville

Kanab was our last stop in Utah. We stayed at J&J RV which was on the edge of town giving us the opportunity to check out some of the area attractions.

Our Home For 2 Days In Kanab

Simply because we felt that Kanab to Prescott would be more of a drive than we cared to do and because it has been many years since we have been in Page we decided to spend a night. We checked out a couple of trading posts and went out for dinner.

Site 8 At The Elks Lodge in Page, AZ

Our very last stop on this adventure, Prescott Valley, AZ.

At the Elks Lodge in Prescott Valley

We enjoyed a day wandering around historic Jerome, AZ an old mining town and now a tourist attraction with many places to spend time and money.

On our last day we traipsed Whiskey Gulch which is the historic district of Prescott, AZ and ate ice cream for lunch. A fitting end to this years odyssey.

I will leave with a picture of the sunrise as we were hitching up to head to Tucson.

A Great Way To Start The Day

Until we hit the rode again, Your Random Rover, Gordon

Summer ’21 1st Installment

After missing last year, as did almost everyone else, we are on the road again. The plan is to spend a month in Spokane Washington, camp hosting at Riverside State Park and spending time with family, then taking a month off on the Pacific coast with stops to relatives here and there, and finally returning to Riverside for another month of hosting. Other than heading homeward after that we really have no plans maybe just randomly roving so we don’t know when we will get back to Tucson.

Dazzo's RV Site 15
Dazzo’s RV Site 15

Our first night was in Wikieup which is really just a wide spot in the road with a few convenience stores/gas stations and diners, but it is a simple one-night stop. While not particularly commodious, Dazzo’s Rv is suitably located and has many Joshua trees and large Saguaro cactus throughout the park. When we were leaving the next morning we learned that the gas station/convenience store/restaurant/gallery where we fueled up the night before had burned to the ground. We could still smell the smoke at the park. Sad news.

Site #4 St George Elks
Site #4 St George Elks

5/24/21 and 278 miles to St George, UT where we stayed at one of our favorite places the, Elks Lodge overlooking a golf course and beautiful red rock formations. Actually, St George is a fabulous destination in itself. The city which has many historically significant landmarks also has beautiful parks and hiking/biking trails. On this trip, we visited Brigham Young’s winter home and did a little shopping on our day off the road.

Lakeside RV Provo, UT
Lakeside RV Site H7, Provo, UT

5/26/21 and another 270 miles closer to Spokane. When we arrived at the Provo Elks Lodge there were no sights available so we spent the night at Lakeside RV which was very near the airport. We never did find the lake but the campground was OK for a night.

Bannock County Fairgrounds
Bannock County Fairgrounds

5/27/21 A shorter day, only 207 miles to Pocatello, Idaho.

Junior Rodeo

We spent 2 nights here where we enjoyed watching the junior rodeo competition and also did a little shopping for provisions.

5/29/21 281 miles to Indian Creek Campground in Deer Lodge Montana. We are spending 2 nights here so we can return to Philipsburg and shop the Sweet Palace candy store. (Awesomely beautiful drive and fun shopping.) Deer Lodge will be our last stop on the way north. On the 31st we will drive the last 280 miles through Montana, across the Idaho panhandle, and on through Washington to Riverside State Park.

Bowl and Pitcher Campground Riverside State Park

Just keeping the shiny side up, and reminding ourselves that over the hill is still better than under it.

Your Random Rovers, Elaine and Gordon

Idaho and Montana

An overnight at the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello, Idaho was our reward for the pleasant run up from Provo, UT. We have stayed here before and liked it because it is a quiet park like setting and easy to drive to. Though normally mostly empty it is impossible to use when they are having an event. If you want to stay here check the event calendar.

Our Site In Pocatello

A short day on the road placed us in Deer Lodge, Montana at the foot of the Rocky Mountains for our last stop before Spokane. We spent 2 nights here. It is a pleasant commercial park with only moderate freeway noise.

Picturesque Indian Creek RV

For our spare day’s entertainment we went to the The Sweet Palace and also shopped the rest of historic Phillipsburg, MT.

A Very Nice Day to Visit Phillipsburg

Hoping all your journeys are as pleasant as our past few days,
Your Random Rover, Gordon

Heading North Summer 2019

Almost Ready To Roll

Pull Slides In, Hitch Up, and Roll Down the Road
A synopsis of our plans

With Tucson temperatures around 107 F every day for the past week it is definitely time to start. It is June 17th, Bertha is ready to go and so are we. Our plans have us leaving on the 19th and traveling less than 300 mile on any given day with a couple of 2 night stops on the way to Spokane WA, our first destination, to see the kids and grands. After leaving Bertha with son John we will head to Port Ludlow WA to spend some time with Brother Phil and his lovely wife.

From there we are off to Vancouver BC where we will embark on a 3 day cruise to Alaska. Off the ship and onto an 8 day land tour of the Yukon Territory and Alaska followed a 7 day cruise back to Vancouver BC where we go back to reality, and start doing some of the daily chores of living again. The first will be driving back to Spokane.

Interesting Note: If I understand correctly, since these are international voyages (Canada/US and US/Canada) we get the privilege of going through customs numerous times. For instance day 1: Canadian customs at border crossing into Canada at Blaine and as the ships destination is Alaska, US Customs before getting onto cruise ship.

We plan to stop on the way back because we figure by the time we clear customs (twice) and actually hit the road it will be mid afternoon. Back in Spokane we will need to quickly reorganize and depart for Heyburn Lake State Park in Idaho where we will be volunteer camp hosts for a little over a month before we even consider heading homeward.

I will post along the way as time and internet connections allow and hope that you will follow along.
Your random rover, Gordon

At Heyburn State Park

As we start the inevitable and unavoidable process of getting ready to roll, the time to document our time here at Heyburn has arrived.  We have had a wonderful time here with great people, wonderful scenery, and best of all family.  I will begin with our campsite home for the past two months.

Our Site at Heyburn
Our Site at Heyburn With Elaine Waving Hello We’re Here

Wow, another site in the woods to die for!  The site itself is quite large with a lot of privacy in an area reserved for volunteers. We are surrounded by tall pines,firs,  douglas firs,  hemlock, tamarac and many other trees.  We also have many guests (or maybe we are the guests).  So far we have been visited by a wolf, a young cow moose, and a few deer.  Unfortunately the camera has not learned to take pictures by itself and I sit or stand just staring but will try to do better so that I have pictures to share.

A Chipmunk and Some Whitetail Deer
A Chipmunk and Some Whitetail Deer

We saw many of the local inhabitants every day.  So many of them in fact that we had to be extra cautious when driving.


I am sure that the thing we will remember most about this park is the ever changing profusion of wildflowers.  We saw hundreds of varieties of which many only lasted a week or so while others bloomed the entire time we were here.

Elaine's Contribution
Elaine’s Contribution

Elaine spent 20 hours per week assisting park visitors and collecting park fees.

A Rustic Bed Frame
A Rustic Bed Frame

Gordon occupied himself a similar amount of time fixing tools and making cabinets, shelves, and this bed for one of the rental cottages at the park’s maintenance building.

Riding Bikes, Hiking Trails, and Boating With Phil and Anette
Riding Bikes, Hiking Trails, and Boating With  Elaine’s brother Phil and his wife Anette

When we weren’t working or off seeing family there were plenty of things to keep us busy.

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle

Plummer Creek Marsh
Plummer Creek Marsh

Just two more images of this wonderful place.

Happy Travels,

Your Random Rover,  Gordon

Indian Cliffs Trail

My, my.  It has been a while since I posted.  We have not fallen off the edge of the earth.  The more we travel the more I believe that the flat earth theory may be a hoax.  I promise to keep checking.  We are happily ensconced (ensconced is accurate as we are hidden away out of the public area in a volunteer site — maybe our reputation preceded us)  here at Heyburn and all seems to be going well.  I promise to post about our site and time here later.  Today Elaine and I took a 3 mile hike with an elevation gain of over 500 feet.  Quite an undertaking for two people who no longer hike regularly.  The trek was well worth effort and will encourage us to get off our backsides more often.

Whitetail Doe
Whitetail Doe

This whitetail was probably the third of many that we saw and the only one that was both close to us and
patient enough to  wait around for a portrait.

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers

I could bore you with all the flower pictures I took but will just give you this one with my favorite flower walking ahead of me amid all this splendor.

A Giant Wish
A Giant Wish

It isn’t a dandelion but it looks just like one. If you blew on this one and made a wish you might even win the lottery. I’ll have to look it up and find out what it really is.

Chatcolet Lake Below Us
Chatcolet Lake Below Us

The views are awe inspiring!  By the way our truck is parked down there near the lake.  We have a way to go yet but it is downhill now.  We are having to much fun and staying way to busy to keep up with the posts but I’ll try.

Enjoy every day, you don’t get them back.

Your Random Rover,



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